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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How We Customize Your Shoes

By customizing the shoe to the person using orthotic inserts, the result is “one complete balance” unique to that person for their specific shoe wear and posture.

Ball, joint and muscle manipulation for proper GAIT and posture is available on an appointment basis.

Do you have problems in keeping your balance? Do your feet hurt?

This can be a result of various easily resolved foot problems:

Bunions / Heel Pain / Pes Planus / Plantar Fasciitis / Hammertoes / Ankle Valgus / Calluses / Pes Cavus / Ankle Varus…

Many of these conditions can be mitigated if done in the right way, Trust your feet to an experienced professional. All of our orthotics are made with top quality materials on our fully equipped premises including video gait analysis, WRPA or foam impression casting and hand carved casts for a perfect fit.

What About Insurance?

Our work is accepted by most insurance companies, just be sure to check first, as the policies differ.

Will it work?

You will feel an instant relief after on a short while wearing your inserts. they can be fitted for any age and includes sandals and for women high heels. We make the perfect orthotic for any shoe which you can wear without pain.